TOTAL/1 provides superior quality, affordable, in-house and on-line technology solutions to the Credit Union industry. Our customizable systems and software operate on fully scalable IBM RS/6000 and Intel platforms using the latest technology available.

Browse our site to learn more about our products and our company, and to see samples of the technology solutions we provide. If you need further information, or would like to speak to a TOTAL/1 representative, please contact us at 1-800-955-5584. To send us an e-mail, click here.

  • Serves the credit union industry by providing superior quality, affordable, in-house and on-line technology solutions and associated services.
  • Develops innovative solutions to industry problems and promotes the use of current and future technologies to more efficiently service the industry, whereby enabling the industry to better serve its members.
  • Acts as a partner with our credit union customers by supporting their individual needs while also serving their needs as an industry. We put our relationships with our customers before the profits of our company.

"Delivering TOTAL Technology Solutions at an Affordable Price"

At TOTAL/1, we consider all of the technology needs of the credit union customer, not just those concerned with member accounting issues. Because the available technologies are continually changing, we make it a priority to review every technical aspect of the credit union's operation on an ongoing basis so we can share our expertise and make appropriate recommendations to each customer. We take a proactive approach to technology by partnering with our customers to allow for planned improvements based on the evolution of each individual credit union.

The management and staff at TOTAL/1 realizes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any technology solution. Our software designs are tailored to accommodate the varying techniques, methods and practices of each individual credit union. Our goal is to provide as much information and recommendations as possible so the customer can decide which technologies and parameters best fit their individual environment.

At TOTAL/1, we share our unique commitment to value with our credit union friends. We believe that credit unions should maximize the value of their investment in technology. Because the cost of hardware continues to drop and software is more readily available than ever, we can assure our customers the best cost-to-benefit ratio in the industry.